OptiGrate designs and manufactures volume diffractive gratings in reflecting and transmitting geometries for commercial and defense applications. The basic technology of hologram recording in a photosensitive glass is protected by six issued U.S. patents and several pending patents.

Selected Technical Papers

Overview Papers

  “Volume Bragg Gratings in PTR Glass--New Optical Elements for Laser Design”

L.Glebov, Invited Paper

3rd Advanced Solid-State Photonics (ASSP) Topical Meeting. ASSP Technical Digest, Paper Code MD1, Nara, Japan, January 2008.


  “High brightness laser design based on volume Bragg gratings.”

L.Glebov, Invited Paper

Laser Source and System Technology for Defense and Security II. Proceedings of SPIE 6216 (2006) 621601.


Wavelength Stabilization and Spectral Narrowing of Lasers

   "Single-frequency-mode Q-switched Nd:YAG and Er:glass lasers controlled by volume Bragg gratings"

N. Vorobiev, L. Glebov, and V. Smirnov

Opt. Express 16, 9199-9204 (2008)


  "Continuous wave, 30 W laser-diode bar with 10 GHz linewidth for Rb laser pumping"

A. Gourevitch, G. Venus, V. Smirnov, D. A. Hostutler, and L. Glebov

Opt. Lett. 33, 702-704 (2008)


Ultra-Low-Frequency Notch Filters

   "Volume Bragg Gratings as ultra-narrow and multiband optical filters"

A.Glebov, O.Mokhun, A.Rapaport, S.Vergnole, V.Smirnov, and L.Glebov (Invited Paper)

Proceedings of SPIE 8428 (2012) 84280C


  "Novel Volume Bragg Grating notch filters for ultra-low frequency Raman measurements"

A.Glebov, O.Mokhun, V.Smirnov, L.Glebov, A.Rapaport, B.Roussel, H.-J.Reich, and F.Adar

The 3rd Scientific EOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM 2010), paper 4007


Chirped Bragg Gratings for Ultrashort Pulse Stretching and Compressing

   "Volume-chirped Bragg Gratings: Monolithic components for stretching and compressing of ultrashort laser pulses"

L. Glebov, V.Smirnov, E. Rotari, I.Cohanoschi, L.Glebova, O.Smolski, J.Lumeau, C.Lantigua, and A.Glebov

Optical Engineering 53(5), 051514 (May 2014)


  "Large-aperture chirped volume Bragg grating based fiber CPA system"

K.-H.Liao, M.-Y.Cheng, E.Flecher, V.I.Smirnov, L.Glebov, and A.Galvanauskas

Opt. Express 15 (2007) 4876-4882.


Spectral Beam Combination of High-Power Lasers

   "Spectral Combining and Coherent Coupling of Lasers by Volume Bragg Gratings"

O.Andrusyak, V.Smirnov, G.Venus, V.Rotar, and L.Glebov

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 15 (2009) 344-353.


  "Efficient Power Scaling of Laser Radiation by Spectral Beam Combining"

A.Sevian, O.Andrusyak, I.Ciapurin, G.Venus, V.Smirnov, and L.Glebov

Opt. Lett. 33 (2008) 384-386


Narrowband Filters

   "Ultra-Narrow Bandpass filters based on Volume Bragg Grating Technologies"

J.Lumeau, V.Smirnov, A.Glebov, and L.Glebov

Proceedings of SPIE 7675 (2010) 76750H


  "Tunable narrowband filter based on a combination of Fabry-Perot etalon and volume Bragg grating"

J.Lumeau, L.Glebov, and V.Smirnov

Opt. Lett. 31 (2006) 2417-2419.


Theory of Volume Bragg Gratings

   "Modeling of phase volume diffractive gratings, part 1: Transmitting sinusoidal uniform gratings"

I.Ciapurin, L.Glebov, and V.Smirnov

Optical Engineering 45 (2006) 015802.


  "Modeling of phase volume diffractive gratings, part 2: Reflecting sinusoidal uniform gratings, Bragg mirrors"

I.Ciapurin, D.Drachenberg, V.Smirnov, G.Venus, and L.Glebov

Optical Engineering 51 (2012) 058001 .


Angular Deflection

   "Angle Selective Enhancement of Beam Deflection in High-Speed Electrooptic Switches"

Glebov, A. L.; Smirnov, V. I.; Lee, M. G.; Glebov, L. B.; Sugama, A.; Aoki, S.; Rotar, V.

Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE; Volume 19, Issue 9, May1, 2007 Page(s):701 - 703

Process for Production of High Efficiency Volume Diffractive Elements in Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass

High Efficiency Volume Diffractive Elements in Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass

Optical Beam Steering and Switching by Optically Controlled Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator with Angular magnification by High Efficiency PTR Bragg Gratings

Sensitization of Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass to Visible Radiation by Two-Step Illumination

Volume Bragg Lasers Based on High Efficiency Diffractive Elements in Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass

Stretching and Compression of Laser Pulses by Means of High Efficiency Volume Diffractive Gratings with Variable Periods in Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass