Tunable Ultra-Narrow Band Diode Laser for Spin Exchange Optical Pumping (SEOP)

This laser system has been developed for Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping, Diode Pumped Alkali Laser and Rare Gas Lasers applications that require high power within an extremely narrow absorption resonance of Alkali Metal Atoms (Rubidium (Rb), Potassium (K), Cesium (Cs)) and Atoms of Rare Gases (Xenon (Xe, Argon (Ar) and Krypton (Kr)). It incorporates a unique proprietary volume Bragg grating design that enables ultra-narrow laser linewidth. The laser system capable of delivering from 35 to 100 W power radiation with a linewidth and wavelength tuning possibility. Polarization options include: random, linear and circular. External beam expander/polarizer allows up to 3 inch beam diameter with circular polarization. Hybrid laser systems contain several wavelengths for simultaneous pumping of several Alkali Metal atoms (i.e. Rb/Cs or Rb/K). Narrowband laser system for large area Raman spectroscopy for food quality control application is also available at 785 nm. The complete laser system contains power supply, temperature controller, chiller for water cooling, as well as an intuitive software interface. The fiber delivery with single fibers, fiber rods or fiber bundles, combiners, beam expanders, beam attenuators are optional.


  • Spin Exchange Optical Pumping (SEOP)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Atomic magnetometry
  • Neutron spin filters
  • Diode Pumped Alkali Laser (DPAL)
  • Optically Pumped Metastable Rare Gas Laser (OPMRGL)

Product Features

  • Unprecedented ultra-narrow linewidth of < 10 GHz at High Power
  • High pumping efficiency of Rb, Cs and K with low gas pressure for highest spin exchange rates
  • Systems available for D1 and D2 transitions of Rb, Cs, K and NIR transitions of Ar, Kr and Xe
  • Tunable range of 300 pm for perfect wavelength matching
  • Tunable wavelength from 20 to 60 pm, 50-150 pm
  • Operational wavelength stability within 2.5 GHz
  • Minimum thermal load on gas cell

Product Specifications

  • Wavelengths: 770, 780, 794.7, 785, 811.3, 811.5, 852, 894.3 and 904.5 nm
  • Spectral linewidth, FWHM: < 10 GHz
  • Tuning range: 300 pm
  • Spectral stability: ± 2.5 GHz over 4 hours of operation
  • Amplitude stability: ± 0.5% over 4 hours of operation
  • Operating temperature: 15°C to 25°C (Non-condensing)
  • Storage temperature: 10°C to 50°C (Non-condensing)
  • Stable wavelength at different power levels
  • Nominal output power: 35 – 100 W
  • Laser beam delivery: Optical fiber, polarization maintaining fiber rod, free space

Weight & Dimensions

  • Size of 70 W laser head unit: 8 in×4 in×14 in
  • Size of 100 W laser head unit: 8 in×4 in×18 in
  • Laser system includes: Two/three laser head modules; electronics rack with power supplies and TEC controllers; AR-coated high power fiber cable/rigid fiber; GUI and control software; chiller; cables
  • * Specifications are subject to change without notice

Narrowband laser system for pumping of D1 line of Cs with 15 pm linewidth and 40 dB noise suppression.

Wavelength tunability of narrowband laser systems for pumping of D1 line of Rb.