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Transmitting Bragg Grating (TBG) Specifications


Combiner figure 1

Specifications for transmitting Bragg grating in PTR glass


Product code for Transmitting Bragg Gratings (TBG) has the following main structure:


WL – resonant wavelength (nm)

DE – diffraction efficiency (%)


Additional grating parameters are:


IA – incident Bragg angle (deg)

EA – exit angle after the grating (deg)

T, W, H – grating thickness, width, and height (mm×mm×mm)

AR – optional antireflection coating (narrowband NB or broadband BB); if not specified - uncoated grating (U)


Reference parameters can be requested to specify grating design for particular applications:


GL – grating losses (%)

AS – angular selectivity (mrad)

WS – wavelength or spectral selectivity (nm)

d – grating period (um)

n – refractive index at resonant wavelength

RIM – refractive index modulation (ppm)

SL – grating slant angle inside the glass wafer (deg)


Transmitting Bragg gratings can be designed and manufactured within the following range of their parameters (please see Table 1).


For a sample grating TBG-1085-99.9, the full set of the grating parameters and their tolerances is shown in Table 2.