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BragGrate™ Pulse

Ultra-short pulse stretcher / compressor

Click here to download a review paper on Chirped Volume Bragg Gratings



Pulse figure 1

BragGrate™ Pulse

BragGrate-Pulse is the first commercially available Chirped Bragg Grating (CBG) based product especially designed for the stretching and compression of femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses. It is a volume Bragg grating in reflecting geometry with a period that gradually varies along the direction of the beam propagation (CBG). It is the most compact and robust stretcher/compressor solution for high energy and high average power ultra-short pulsed laser systems.



  • Spectral bandwidth: 0.2-100 nm
  • Operating range: 700-2500 nm
  • Thickness: up to 50 mm
    Pulse figure 1

    Output beam shape after passing 30-mm thick BragGrate™ Pulse in both directions

  • Stretching time: up to 0.5 ns (FWHM)
  • Efficiency: 50-99%
  • Apertures: up to 10x10 mm2
  •  M2 < 1.3


Typical Specs of BragGrate™- Pulse for
1030 nm spectral range

  • Center wavelength: 1030 nm
  • Spectral bandwidth: 5 - 25 nm
  • Diffraction efficiency: >85%
  • Thickness: 20 - 45 mm
  • Stretching time (FWHM): ~ 300 ps
  • Dispersion rate: ~ 6, 12, 25, 60 ps/nm (linear)
  • Compressed pulse duration: < 200 fs


Pulse figure 2

Compressed pulse profile theoretical vs measured data with 30-mm thick BragGrate™ Pulse

Product Features

  • Compact geometry and easy-to-align
  • Ideal for industrial and scientific applications
  • High power operation (up to 1 kW average power)
  • High energy operation (up to 2 mJ pulse energy)
  • Environmentally stable
  • Robust, easy to handle and clean
  • Stretcher and Compressor in one element



Stretcher and Compressor for Ultra Short Pulse lasers (USPL)